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Litter Plan
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Birth A-Litter

On 28.04.2020, five males and one female came to this world.

All puppies are well, healthy and the proud Mum is doing perfectly.

Male Blue 
~ 580 g at 00:14h
Female Violet 
~ 505 g at 00:44h
Male Brown 
~ 490 g at 01:30h
Male Black 
~ 605 g at 02:49h
Male Red 
~ 570 g at 04:46h
Male Yellow 
~ 550 g at 06:11h


Let's get started...

Start of heat on 14th of february 2020!

Covering: 27.02.2020 and 28.02.2020 - Jimmy and Bonny had a thing for each other from the start and covering was performed quickly.

Planned date of birth: 30.04.2020

25.03. (27th day of pregnancy) - we could already see some puppies! The vet tried to count them - we will expect 5 to 8 puppies!!

With this litter I focused on the parent’s characteristics (physical as well as mental), to get puppies which are well balanced, energetic and eager to learn new things. Both the father and the mother are successful at shows and show no fear around other animals and children.

I also expect them to be healthy White Swiss Shepherds who are suitable for family, sport and show alike.

Puppies will move to their new families around June 2020.

If you should be interested in our breed or a puppy from this litter, feel free to contact me by mail or phone!